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    logooooHistory of Rangin Kaman

    RANGIN KAMAN Co. was established in 2003 and since then became one of the most successful and most diverse companies in exporting of dried Nuts and fruits in Iran. This company with its newly registered brand of PERSI LAND tries to have an effective marketing strategy locally and internationally in exporting various types of Pistachios, Dates, raisins, and other unique products worldwide.
    Large customer base and through experience, we developed innovative ideas to find suitable markets for the full product range of our growers and also sourcing product from other countries and is steadily expanding this service to our customers.

    Bulk Sourcing

    Products are sourced from across Iran and these products are wholesaled to local processors. Modern warehouse and fast stock turnover ensures that products reach the client in prime condition. The company also prides itself on availability of stock.

    Our mission

    Is to be the most trusted source of Nuts and high quality products at competitive prices and to provide the best customer service.

    Awards and qualifications

    Rangin Kaman Co. was proudly honored for four consecutive years during 2010-2011,2012,2013 as the distinguished exporter of Kerman province –Iran for, and also achieved the quality control certificate of ISO BS EN 9001 and management quality from accredited Iranian banking and exporter society of Iran. 

    These achievements simply shows our respect to our customers and their demands as our first priority and we eagerly try to remain in this path for the future.

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